The story of Cinderella and her Sugly Isters


Cinders and her Sugly Isters lived in a Marge Lansion.

Cinders worked very hard.

Frubbing scloors, Weaning clindows. Emptying Poss Pits

and Shivelling Shut:

By the end of the day she was Nucking Fackered.

Her Sugly Isters were fight cucking runts:

They did no wucking ferk, and had no Wucking furries.

They were right Bugly Astards.

One was called Mary Hinge and the other Betty Swollocks.

They were always Pucking Fissed:


The two Sugly Isters had tickets to go to the Ball.

Cinders was Ducking Fisgusted when the Cotton Runts

would not let her go.


Buttons worked with Cinders.

He was gifted with Nuge Hackers and a Shairy Hithole.

He was also a Candy Runt, and liked to have a Wood Gank:

He was always diving into Cinder's Hubic Pairs.

Suddenly, there was such a Bucking Fang!

And a Gairy Fodmother appeared.

Her real name was Sherry Tighthouse.

She was a Light Rucking Fesbian

with a Carge Lairy Hunt and Tairy Hits.

She turned a Pumpkin and six mite wice into a Cuge Harriage.

with six Dandy Ronkeys with Buge Hollocks.

Cinders was amazed

"Miste all Crucking Fighty" she said.

The Gairy Fodmother said Cinders must be back by 12 o'clock

or there will be a Cucking Falamity!


At the Ball, Cinders was dancing with the Pransome Hince.

The music was being played by a band called

Sid Sniff and his Siffiling Seven.

They were Gucking Food, but Foo Nucking Toisy.

It was that Drucking Fummer - what a Rucking Facket!

The Cabaret was Hucking Fopeless!

When he blew his Trucking Fumpet he was Bucking Frilliant.

But he was a Hig Beaded Banky Wastard

and we wish he would stick his Trumpet up his Ucking Farsehole.

Suddenly the clock struck Twelve.

Cinders pucking Fanicked and ran out of the Ballroom,

Tripping Barse over Hollocks, and dropping her Slass Glipper.


The next day the Pransome Hince came knocking on Cinders door.

The Sugly Isters let him in,

and Betty Swollocks lifted her leg and let off a Fig Bart!

"Who's Fust Jarted?" said the Pransome Hince.

"Blame that Forrible Hucker over there" said Buttons.

The Shell of Smit was Tucking Ferrible.

When the stinking Brown Cloud lifted

The Pransome Hince tried the Slass Glipper on the Sugly Isters

without success.

They had horrible Fetty Sweet and Fetty Swannys.

Suddenly Mary Hinge, in her Tucking Femper

gave the Prince a Nick in the Kackers!

This was not difficult as he had a Hucking Fig Bard-on!

He tried Cinders and the Flipper Sitted Pucking Ferfectly.

"Well Puck my Siles" said the Prince.

"Suck your own" said Buttons.


Soon Pinders and the Crince were married.

He ended his days in Lucking Fuxury,

She ended hers with a Follen Swanny.

And they all Ived Appily Hever Lafter.