"There is a genuine UFO phenomenon and it is not explained by the revelations of alleged government agents, nor is it explained by the cultists of UMMO. Some of the most remarkable sightings are actually complex hoaxes that have been carefully engineered for our benefit. The witnesses are merely the victims and instruments rather than the authors of the hoax." - Dr. Jacques Vallee.

On February 6, 1966, near a suburb of Madrid, a group of Spanish soldiers observed a circular luminescent object land near an ammo dump. The disk was approximately 30’ in diameter and borean unusual symbol (three vertical lines with a central horizontal line) on its underside. After the object shot off, three deep rectangular impressions were found at the landing site.

A year later in another Madrid suburb, a lens-shaped object with a dome on top was seen travelling along power lines just above tree top level. This object was also emblazoned with the same symbol seen by the Spanish soldiers. Two photographers sent pictures to the newspaper "Informaciones" and several months later additional pictures were delivered by a third photographer. As with the earlier incident, landing marks (including a scorched area and a metallic powder residue) were found near the area of the sighting. During the next few days, residents of the area discovered several strange objects, shiny metal cylinders with a central disk portion. When opened, the cylinders were found to contain a tough plastic strip embossed with the same symbol seen on the underside of the UFO’s.

A reward for the recovery of more of the mysterious objects was posted by a Henri Dagousset, with instructions that the objects be forwarded to one Antoine Nancey in Madrid. One of the objects was turned over to a Spanish UFO researcher by a man named Antonio Pardo, who just happened to be one of the photographers who had sent photos of the UFO to Informaciones.

Curiously, investigators who attempted to locate Dagousset, Nancey and Pardo met with no success, they did not exist. When the cylinders were analysed they were found to be constructed of earthly materials. The photos of the alleged UFO were analysed by the French satellite imaging company, SPOT, who concluded that the photos were fakes. The UFO model in the photos was determined to be 8.5 to 10 inches in diameter and was suspended 10 feet from the camera. In one photo, the suspension string was revealed after enhancement. In short, the entire affair was an elaborate hoax, but the story does not end there.

Shortly thereafter and continuing for several years, documents bearing the same symbol as the hoaxed photos were mailed to numerous European UFO researchers. These documents came to be known as the UMMO documents. UMMO was supposedly the planet of origin of both the UFO’s in the hoaxed photos and the documents. The UMMOians mailed hundreds of pages of data on their technology, their planet and their philosophy. The author(s) of these documents were obviously knowledgeable in college-level physics, although the UMMO computer technology as described in the documents was considered advanced by 1960’s standards, but is crude by comparison to 1990’s computer technology.

A cult-like group (including several credentialed scientists) formed to study the UMMO documents and spread the word of the UMMOians. The UMMO phenomenon spread across Europe and Latin America. Among the UMMO revelations was the existence of a counterpart or mirror universe to our own, much akin to Billy Meier’s DAL Universe. Comparisons between UMMO and the Meier’s alleged Pleiadian contacts are unavoidable. Since the whole UMMO story is a hoax, one could conclude that the same group of hoaxers could be behind the Meier case. If so, the level of expertise in hoaxing convincing UFO photos has risen considerably. The most obvious question is, who is doing the hoaxing and why? It was feared that UMMO was a means for East-Bloc intelligence agencies to establish contacts with Western scientists, which is also a possible explanation for the Meier affair. Consider this, Meier quit taking UFO photos a few years ago, coinciding with the end of the Cold War. The KGB, who certainly possessed the expertise necessary to produce convincing UFO photos, could have simply pulled the plug on the operation due to the changing political climate.

 Another possible explanation involves one of the more bizarre characters in U.S. political history. According to noted UFO researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee, several French UFO investigators believe they have uncovered a link between the ongoing UMMO activities and scientists associated with the shadowy Lyndon LaRouche organisation. LaRouche has organised a number of European front groups that would have had both the financial resources and technical expertise to perpetrate a hoax of this magnitude. Most readers are probably unfamiliar with LaRouche, a radical neo-Nazi who controlled a "political cult" that raked in as much as $80 million a year. Fund-raising activities occurred in almost every airport, where LaRouche disciples would solicit donations under the banner of "Feed Jane Fonda to the Whales" and "Beam Weapons/Fusion Energy Now!". Ultimately, it was LaRouche’s illegal fund-raising schemes (credit card scams, fraud and theft) that landed him in a cell in the federal penitentiary where he now resides.

Just because LaRouche advocated some bizarre policies, such as his belief that the Queen of England was the boss of the international drug trade and as recently as the late 70’s advocating a nuclear war with the U.S.S.R (he considered 150 million American deaths as "acceptable"), he was in frequent contact with some of the more radical elements of the Reagan administration. Indeed, LaRouche was probably the intellectual author of President Reagan’s SDI program. Dennis King, author of "Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism", described LaRouche’s successes thusly: "The major media had failed over the years to vigorously unmask LaRouche. Jewish and Black organisations and the left had largely ignored his dramatic political inroads in the early 1980’s, blithely allowing him to operate his international network of hate from midtown Manhattan with nary a protest. Reagan administration aides, GOP operatives, Teamster leaders and others on the right had treated him as just another political ally, to be used as needed.

When the Klan endorsed President Reagan, it immediately received a blistering denunciation from him. But when NBC exposed the administration’s ties to LaRouche, the White House response was that it would continue to meet with whomever it pleased". The links between LaRouche and the Republican Party become confused when in 1984 LaRouche became a Democrat, running in Democratic presidential primaries. Thousands of LaRouchians ran for office in Democratic primaries, disrupting Democratic party activities from coast-to-coast. The Democrats seemed unable to respond to the LaRouche disruption, which U.S. Senator Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) described as "...a breakdown in our political immune system". Local LaRouchian Claude Jones was elected Chairman of the Harris County (Houston) Democratic Party, apparently because his name was the most WASPish on the ballot. Local Democrats endured the embarrassing spectacle of stripping their Chairman of all authority by temporarily changing their by-laws. It could easily be inferred that LaRouche’s disruption of the Democratic Party had the blessings, if not the complicity, of the GOP.

All attempts to expose LaRouche resulted in a bevy of slander, libel, and civil rights lawsuits against the offending news organisation. One such legal blitz caused the Washington Post to delete all references to LaRouche’s Nazi philosophy in reporter John Mitz’ story on the connections between LaRouche and the Reagan administration. When mentioned at all by the media, LaRouche was usually described as a "conservative Democrat". What does all this have to do with the subject of UFO’s? A disturbing trend in UFOlogy has been surfacing in recent years. More and more UFO lecturers have begun to incorporate political ideology into their presentations. Terms like "Trilateralists, Council on Foreign Relations, The New World Order/One World Conspiracy and Zionists" are used with increasing frequency in UFO lectures and publications. The fact that these terms have been the buzzwords of extreme right wing fringe groups should send off alarm bells loud and clear. Take the case of George Green. Mr. Green claims to have seen "flying saucers" in a hanger at Edwards AFB in 1958. After his discharge, Green went about making his fortune in financial services and most recently, publishing. On October 18th, 1989 Green claims to have had direct telepathic contact with the Pleiadian Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, whose precise title is "Commander-in-Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Flight Command, Intergalactic Fleet - Ashtar Command: Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council on Earth Transition" (we’ll just call him Hatonn for short).

Hatonn’s communications (via psychic channelling) have filled up 26 volumes of Green’s "Phoenix Journal". Among the revelations: Hatonn has a computer that allows him to keep up with the day to day activities of every human on Earth; Hatonn is here to help; Pray to Hatonn. Green also publishes the "Phoenix Journal Express" "for more up to the minute information" i.e. first person narratives allegedly channelled telepathically from Hatonn (the English is really stilted in spots so it must be from aliens).

Hatonn is deeply concerned about U.S. economic policy, U.S. income tax structure, the International Monetary Fund, the CFR, the Trilateralists and of course, the Zionists. Hatonn apparently has a lot in common with right wing neo-Nazi fringe groups. Watching one of Green’s videotaped lectures can be enlightening. He spouts the usual fringe right litany, and occasionally lapses into the standard LaRouche rhetoric about beam weapons, AIDS and the menace of the Zionists. He mentions the ongoing research of his friend, Eustace Mullins, an associate of both the neo-Nazi Sons of Liberty and the LaRouche organisation. Oh yes, he spends a few minutes talking about Billy Meier’s purported Pleiadian UFO contacts. Green’s wife Desiree then takes the podium. Desiree, according to her biography, "..has been elected by the ‘Lighted Command’ who refer to themselves as ‘The Hosts from Heaven, sent of God/Creator’ as one of their public spokespersons for sharing the WORD contained within the Phoenix Journal series. She presents the Cosmic spiritual knowledge regarding our Divine Spiritual Heritage Within" (their punctuation). What this boils down to is about 15 minutes of an uninterrupted stream of pseudo-religion, new age cliches and psychobabble.

During Desiree’s lecture, Green grins incessantly, either due to husbandly pride, or more likely from barely being able to keep a straight face at this nonsense being presented as fact.

Another interesting example is Dr. Fred Bell. Bell not only claims to be in contact with the Pleiadian Semjase of Billy Meier fame, but to have had sexual liaisons with her. He was recently a guest on a local radio talk show to promote his appearance at a metaphysical festival here in Houston. Bell recounted some of the teachings of the Pleiadian "Space Brothers", although, curiously, the name of His Supreme Cosmic Highness Hatonn wasn’t mentioned. It didn’t take long before the usual kook-right propaganda began, including the obligatory slam at "Zionists". The host, to his credit, cut Bell off and apologised to his listeners with words to the affect of "I thought he was going to talk about UFO’s". A pattern is developing. People interested in the subject of UFO’s are hooked by talk of "Pleiadian Space Brothers" and then subjected to fringe right political propaganda. The fact that these neo-Nazis can proselytise an unsuspecting audience has apparently made infiltration of UFO organisations a political objective of these groups. After meeting with Robert (Area 51) Lazar, Jacques Vallee began receiving letters from a "colonel" in the Las Vegas, inviting him to spend a month (all expenses paid) with a group of people who were preparing "a major belief change in America". The incentive for joining this group was "to establish contact with the aliens".

Vallee was instantly put-off by this group’s letterhead featuring a Nazi styled eagle clutching SS (sig runen) lightning bolts. Says Vallee: "Another aspect many researchers in this field (UFO’s) have studiously avoided is the link between the more eager proponents of imminent extraterrestrial contact and the American extreme right. It could well be the same kind of fanaticism that leads people to join neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, or survivalist movements in the American SW also induces them to believe in the imminent arrival of aliens from the sky. But it could also be that some intelligence agency, or some rogue group within such an agency, has been bending the latest paranoia of some extremist political movements to its own ends as useful, convenient testbeds for covert psychological experiments".

In his excellent book "Revelations", Vallee recounts the Bentwaters (England) case to illustrate his point. As described by many of the witnesses, the incident could certainly have been a set-up to gauge the response of military personnel to this apparent CE3K. The case of the Gulf Breeze Six also raises questions for Vallee. Were these six soldiers deliberately exposed to materials that led them to believe a major UFO incident would occur at Gulf Breeze?

The fact that the Gulf Breeze Six were simply discharged without disciplinary action should raise an eyebrow or two, considering that they all held high security clearances and their going AWOL could have represented a major security breach. Vallee believes that the U.S. has developed a convincing-looking UFO which is "being actively tested on military personnel, thus the persons who control the experiment can always contain the repercussion if the story ever leaks out".

There is an abundance of circumstantial evidence to indicate that UFO hoaxes are being perpetrated by persons or organisations with substantial resources. The anti-Semitic focus of some of these hoaxers should arouse immediate suspicion.

The fact that many UFO enthusiasts believe in a pantheon of alien entities that features blonde, Nordic-looking "Aryans" from the Pleiades as the cosmic "good-guys" in an interstellar battle between good and evil should give an indication of how successful these groups have already been. In addition to the hoaxers’ ability to infiltrate and influence UFO organisations, anti-democratic factions within intelligence agencies can conduct psychological and unconventional warfare experiments without scrutiny under the guise of UFO’s. Due to the success of frauds like Messers. Green and Bell, ardent cadres of zealous "true believers" can be depended upon to embarrass serious UFO investigators, while diverting attention from and casting doubt on, serious UFO reports, which may in fact be the hoaxers’ ultimate goal.

When confronted with self-proclaimed heralds of Pleiadian Space Brothers, it would be advisable to remain sceptical. If there are alien visitors who wish to establish contact with the human race, they could certainly do so much more effectively than with the political extremists, kooks and scam artists that are currently acting as their ambassadors.

NOTES: The UMMO symbol can now be seen being sported as tattoos on those noble defenders of European culture, the skinheads. They won’t know anything about UMMO or Pleiadian Space Brothers, however. For them, the symbol is a stylised "HH" for Heil Hitler.

Lyndon LaRouche is again seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, garnering a whopping 1% of the primary vote. Despite his incarceration, he still has the financial resources to run 30 minute political programs on national TV.