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The JFK Assassin Identified

The Men In Black

Petition to Indict

The Majestic Twelve (MJ-12)

The Allende Letters

Close Encounters of the 4th Kind

Project Grudge / Bluebook

UFO Believers Gather & Reveal that Surprise Aliens are Here

Half a Century of the German Moonbase (1942 to 1992)

The Philadelphia Experiment

Stantilli's Controversial Autopsy Movie

Alien Encyclopaedia

Angels or Spacemen?

Information on  Acronyms

A Situation Report

The Form for Reporting UFO Sightings

NSA's Security Handbook

MJ-12 Affair: Facts & Questions

Freedom of Information Act Document Files

Alien Agenda - The Fake Invasion

Nikola Testla's Long Range Weapon

Little Sphere's -   Big UFO's A Connection

Why Orthodox Science & UFO's Don't Get Along

UFO Sightings by NASA Astronauts

UFO Abductions

An Interview with a 3-Star General

MJ-12 Hoax or Misinformation

NSA's UFO Policy

Hacker's Take on the UFO's

SETI Receives a Signal

The Truth About TWA Flight 800

The Origin, Identity and Purpose of MJ-12

Air Force Roswell Report

Project Majestic-12

Clinton's Area 51 Exemption

The Alien/CIA Connection

Unidentified Flying Objects - Possible Forgotten or Unknown Information

Dark Side of the Moon

Grey Profile

Groom Lake Timeline

Diagram of MJ12 Policy structure

The Mars / Egypt Connection

Groomlake / Area-51 Security Manual

Number of UFO Reports made to Projects Sign/Blue Book

Roswell is dead

The Enterprise mission

Possible Propulsin methods


Post abduction syndrome

U.F.O. related facts


Extra - terrestrial life

Classifying the unclassifiable

The Roswell incident:

A long history of visitions

Are we alone?

The Greys, the Blues & implants in your privates

A spectrum of belief

Is anybody really out there?

The hoaxer, the hack & the astromoner

Thoses mysterious MIBS

ET alien invasion or fulfilment of prophecy?

UFOs: Politics & deceptions

The perpetual hoax

A fly in the cosmic bein' soup (for hybrids only)

Are the greys who they claim to be?

Richard Hoagland press conference

The last Conversation that Fred Valentich had

The unexplained

CSETI to a particularly nasty piece of disinformation

Norwich UFO video

A report of UFO sightings

Alien abductions - some suprising answers

Introduction to LA-CSETI files 1992-II

ET contact

Nick Pope's UFO corner

U.K. UFO network {50}

U.K. UFO network {51}

U.K. UFO network {52}uc_workersp.gif (4551 bytes)

U.K. UFO network {53}uc_workersp.gif (4551 bytes)

Somaliland mystery

Manual of air traffic services pt1 (reporting a UFO)

The non - existence of UFO's

Paranormal issues


An MJ-12 informant

Project Aquaruis

Aquaruis 2

Questions on Aquaruis

Aquaruis is a UFO report

Aquaruis memo

Aquaruis TV

Aquaruis NSA

The 10 most compelling UFO cases in history

Secrecy of certian inventions

Hanger 18


The new project bluebook

Fairies & the UFO connection


Letter dated Nov 12, 1990

Alien Abductions

UFO Abductions Beyond Matter?

Airline UFO

A dialogue with a  former member of the intelligence community

Project Beta

Arial anomolies international

Did Jackie Gleason view UFO bodies

UFO Seeking soldiers charged with desertion

Minister says 6 soldiers arrested bay believe..

North Carolina UFO sighting on the increase in 1990

Unusual report of a UFO and green-faced entity

UFO's sighted over Gulf Breeze again


Hoagland Letter

Cow Blood


The Martian Spinx



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